About Us

About the Milford Amateur Radio Club

The Milford Amateur Radio Club is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation and registered Ohio charity organized exclusively for the following charitable purposes:

  • To educate and increase the proficiency of its members in the science of radio communications.
  • To provide for the dissemination of information among its members concerning scientific advancement and progress in the field of radio communication.
  • To encourage and sponsor experimental activities in radio communication and electronics to the end that skills and experience gained in amateur radio will further the application of these sciences to benefit the public at large.
  • To promote the elevation of standards of practice and ethics in the conduct of amateur radio communications.

How the Club is Organized and Managed

The Milford Amateur Radio Club is organized according to the Code of Regulations.

The current club officers are:

  • President:  David Vest,  K8DV
  • Vice President:  Jack Purdum,  W8TEE
  • Treasurer:  Chris Spiess,  AE8TT
  • Secretary:  Al Peter,  AC8GY

The current board of directors are:

  • Mike Kieffer,  KD8OUT
  • Lyle Hamilton,  AB8SH
  • Steve Friebele,  K8JI

A Short History of MARC

The Milford Amateur Radio Club was formed in 1974 by a handful of Milford Hams. These hams were active in other clubs in the Cincinnati area, but felt a club in their area would provide a service to the community; and due to the gas shortage, having a club close by would be economical.

In early 1974 there were an estimated 100 hams in the Milford area, plenty to start a radio club. So the call went out to area hams in a letter stating the time and place for the first meeting. During that meeting, on a cold February night in 1974, the Milford Amateur Radio Club was formed and has since that day been a consistent asset to the Milford community and Clermont County.

During the early years the club provided communications for Milford’s annual Frontier Days, including sending free greetings and messages to friends and relatives throughout the United States and many parts of the world. Other services provided to the community were Novice Code and Theory classes and communications for the annual Ohio State Champion Canoe Races.

The late 70’s saw the club’s first repeater go on the air, covering most of Clermont County, and increasing and enhancing the activities of the club. The club also provided 2M repeater communications for the Clermont County RACES (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service). RACES now has its own repeater, but the MARC repeater is still available as a back-up.1990 saw the first MARC Hamfest, an annual event in June ever since, and a very successful vehicle for club exposure within the Tri-State Amateur community. MARC became active in providing communications for area Bicycle Rides, Marathons, and was very active during the blizzard of 1978.

Throughout the late 70’s to present day, the Milford Amateur Radio Club has been involved in many local and National events. MARC has increased the awareness of amateur radio within the community and has accumulated many friends along the way.

Recently (2014), MARC celebrated it’s 40th anniversary, with a party that was attended by many of the clubs hams, spouses, friends and children.