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MARC Casual Contesters – Here’s What’s Coming Up In August

By: Denny KC8RPV

These are some of the Contests scheduled during the month of August. It’s an opportunity to make some new contacts, round out your Worked All States or just have fun getting on the air. The NAQP SSB contest has a team competition and I will be registering the team, in Bill’s absence, as indicated below.


The North American QSO Party is August 19 and 20, 2017. The contest starts at 2:00 PM local time an Saturday and ends at 2:00 AM Sunday morning.

The contest has a Team Competition, teams need to registered prior to the contest.

Send Denny KC8RPV and email at:

Deadline for registering for a MARC team is 10:00 AM, Saturday August 19.

Rules can be found on the National Contest Journal website at:

2. Rookie Roundup RTTY

Rookie Roundup RTTY is August 20, 2017. The contest starts at 2:00 PM and runs until midnight.

The is no entry class for non-rookies, however non-rookies can participate by working rookies.

Rules can be found on the ARRL website:

3. Ohio QSO Party

The Ohio QSO Party is August 26, 2017. The contest runs from noon until midnight local time.

The Ohio QSO Party has a Club Competition, include the following line in your entry to have your score added to the MARC total.

CLUB: Milford Ohio ARC

Last year only two stations in Clermont County and two stations in Hamilton County submitted logs. Get on the air, you could be a rare one.


Denny KC8RPV


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