MARC - Cincinnati's Club For Amateur Radio - 147.345+

New web-based club chat service

The club now has a Slack channel for people to keep in touch, communicate and otherwise just chit chat during the day. Slack is a web-based and app-based team communication tool which is extremely simple and very popular. Slack can be accessed from any computer, smart phone or tablet. There is nothing required to install and no cost to use it. A handful of club members have been using it for the last month and it’s been a very enjoyable way to have discussions and ask questions during the day when using the repeater isn’t an option or convenient.

One of the very nice features is that all conversation history is saved. You can ask a question or read a comment, go away, and come back later to see who responded or what else is being discussed.

You will need an invitation to join the group. Email Mark Tannert ( for an invitation. We hope to see you there!

You can read more about Slack here:


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