MARC – Cincinnati’s Club For Amateur Radio – 147.345+ (PL 123.0)

President’s Message to the Membership, January 2017

Dave Vest, K8DV

Hello fellow MARC members and welcome to 2017. I am happy to be serving as president for the next year and hope that together we can have MARC continue down the road of success.

My appreciation goes to Mike Kieffer (KD8OUT) for serving the last 3.5 years as president and I look forward to working with him as a sitting board member.

As we look into the beginning of 2017 we have several interesting presentations that are coming up the first three months of 2017:

  • January – “Mobile Insulation” by Mark, WN8U
  • February – “K3NG Keyer” by Erik, AC8VK
  • March – TBD, tentatively “Casual Contesting” by Dave, K8DV

We will also be introducing a new segment to the monthly meetings called “Jack’s Shack”. What is “Jack’s Shack”, you ask? It is going to be 5 to 10 minute segment on quick ham radio topics presented by our newly minted vice-president Jack Purdum (W8TEE) or by someone he has appointed. The subject may be a new accessory that Jack has come up with, operating hints, a ham radio experience, member spot light, or maybe my something along the lines of “my radio has X on it, what’s that for?” You can submit your ideas to either Jack or myself at one of the below email addresses:

  • – Dave Vest, K8DV
  • – Jack Purdum, W8TEE
  • – Mark Tannert, WN8U
  • – Chris Spiess, AE8TT

There are a few items that the club needs to get working on right away and decide on a game plan, mostly importantly the annual club hamfest and then the ARRL Field Day. I will be looking to appoint a chairman for each of these events.

If you have not been to a meeting in a while, I ask that you try and attend in 2017 and get involved as the club is only what you make of it.

Dave K8DV


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