MARC – Cincinnati’s Club For Amateur Radio – 147.345+ (PL 123.0)

President’s Message to the Membership, January 2018

Dave Vest, K8DVHello fellow MARC members and welcome to 2018, can you believe it has been almost 20 years since all the hype with Y-2- K? Seems like ancient history at this point.

Now that we have gotten here the club needs to start planning its 2018 season. Our two main events will be here before you know it. As you know these are the MARC hamfest and ARRL Field Day. There is a lot of planning and effort that go into both of these events and as of this update we are in need of chairmen for both. If you have ever been interested how planning works for hamfest and/or Field Day, here is your chance to find out. I know that there are a lot of able-bodied folks in the club that could lead either of these efforts.

I hope that you are finding time to heat up the rigs and make some contacts even with sub-par band conditions. Lately, I myself have been working a lot of FT-8 digital mode. With all the hype I had to try it and so far have worked some 40 countries and 35 states with little effort. If you have not tried it you should, as I have found when there are no SSB or CW signals there seems to be FT-8 activity. It still amazes me to make a contact with someone that I cannot hear.

Also for all you DX’ers in the crowd keep in mind that Bouvet 3Y0Z is schedule to come on the air later this month. This may be the last time to have a chance to get them in the log for many, many years to come. For myself this is one of the last 11 that I need to have them all worked, so you bet I will be in the pile up.

Hope all of you had a happy holiday season and wish all you a happy new year and hope all your ham radio goals come true.

Dave, K8DV


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