MARC - Cincinnati's Club For Amateur Radio - 147.345+

President’s Message to the Membership, November 2016

Mike KiefferThe presentation schedule for the next three months is:

  • Nov – Selecting and Getting Started with Microcontrollers by Erik Heidt (also election of club officers)
  • Dec – Holiday Party & Show and Tell
  • Jan – Mobile Radio Installation by Mark Tannert

The final nominations for 2017 are:

  • President – Ron Brooks, David Vest
  • Vice President – Dr. Jack Purdum
  • Secretary – Mark Tannert
  • Treasurer – Chris Spiess

The club officers are still finalizing the clubs budget for 2016/2017. We welcome suggestions for purchases that complement our clubs mission of education and fellowship in the radio arts. Please forward any suggestions to any club officer. You may email any officer at:

  • – Mike Kieffer
  • – Ron Brooks
  • – Mark Tannert
  • – Chris Spiess

Thank you!


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