MARC – Cincinnati’s Club For Amateur Radio – 147.345+ (PL 123.0)

President’s Message to the Membership, October 2017

Dave Vest, K8DV
Hello fellow MARC members and welcome to fall, well that is what the calendar says but 90 degrees at the end of September says otherwise.

As a reminder MARC has elections coming up in November and as president I have not decided if I will be running for another term as of this writing. I know that Mark, WN8U will not be running as secretary so at the very least will need a nominee for that position.

Things are starting to improve around my neck of the woods and have had a chance to get on the radio a few times and managed to fill in a new mode and 2 new bands slots with the recent HD8M that was on the air. With that said it reminds me that in just a few months we will be into the thick of winter and the last thing you want is a antenna failure right as you are trying to make that new contact. I have started checking all my feedlines and rope conditions holding the dipoles up and replacing as needed. So if you don’t want to get out there in 20 degree weather making antenna repairs do them NOW.

Looking for topics for “Jack’s Shack” you ask? It can be anything radio related or of club interest taking no more than 5 to 10 minutes. Submit your ideas to either Jack or myself at one of the below email addresses. You are welcome to present it as well.

Officers of MARC and contact info:

  • – Dave Vest, K8DV
  • – Jack Purdum, W8TEE
  • – Mark Tannert, WN8U
  • – Chris Spiess, AE8TT

The October meeting promises to be very interesting as world famous DX’er Jay, K4ZLE will be coming to our meeting to give us a presentation on his trip to VP8 South Sandwich and South Georgia Islands. As you remember a few months ago Joe, W8GEX presented his trip to KH9 Wake Island which was a visit to the tropics, this promises to be very different as Jay will discuss the total lack of infrastructure on these islands and EVERYTHING has to be carried in. Also in October will need to appoint a nominating committee for upcoming elections in November.

At the November meeting Al will be giving us a presentation on how to use the oscilloscope that he donated to the club, so if you ever wanted to start learning how to use a scope here is your chance. We will also be holding elections.

That’s it for now and hope to see you at the October meeting.

If you have not been to a meeting in a while I ask that you try and come out in 2017 and get involved as the club is only what you make of it.

Dave K8DV


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