MARC - Cincinnati's Club For Amateur Radio - 147.345+

President’s Message to the Membership, March 2018

Dave Vest, K8DVHello fellow MARC members and welcome to almost spring,

It appears the club is at a crossroads, as you know we discussed at the February meeting the need for a field day chairman and there was no interest. As the president I have to ask myself is this a sign of this is not the kind of activity the club wishes to participate in? Bill, WS6K has led the field day charge for more years than I can recall and the club owes him a great deal of thanks. But it is now time for someone else to lead the effort. With Bill’s help we already have a solid plan, location has been reserved and paperwork filed and station captains have started coming forward. If we are unable to find someone that is willing to lead the effort it may not occur or at a much less scale. This is your club and I have the pleasure of serving the group as president but this does not mean that I or the other officers are charged with running each and every event.

The hamfest was also hit with a blow as our location of many years is not available to us in 2018. We will be discussing whether to move forward or cancel our hamfest for 2018 at the March meeting. I for one would hate to see us end a very good run. If you know of or have a idea for a venue that could handle the hamfest please let Jim or I know.

The club is in need for presenters or at least ideas for programs for the meetings. Jack and I have all but emptied out rolodex and want to give you programs on what the membership is interested in.

Hope all of you have a good spring and are getting ready for the yard work that will soon be upon us. Also keep in mind storms are a coming so be sure to unhook and unplug keeping that equipment safe and sound.

Dave, K8DV


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