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MARC Member Has Articles Published

Jack Purdum, W8TEE and Vice President of MARC, has co-authored an article scheduled for the September issue of QST.

(Please note that the ARRL sent notification that the September issue is running over, so we must delay your QST article to a future issue of QST. That will very likely be beyond the October issue as far as we can tell right now.)

The title of the article is Build Your Own Antenna Analyzer and is the same antenna analyzer (AA) that many members of the club built last year. The AA featured a full graphics display and could examine all amateur bands from 160M to 10M. See Figure 1. Multiple scans with overlays are possible and all scans can be save to an onboard SD card and can be exported in CSV format for use by other programs (e.g., Excel, Word, etc.)

Figure 1. A 40M scan

Dr. Purdum also was a speaker at the Four Days In May conference in Dayton May 17th of this year. The title of his talk was: Give Your QRP Rig a Facelift. Although the modifications were demonstrated for the $60 BITX40 SSB transceiver, almost any transceiver could implement most of the changes. The modifications include the addition of a TFT color display, DDS VFO, AGC, CW Mode, CW keyer with contest features, S meter, voltage monitor, and a speech processor. See Figure 2. The screen shown in Figure 2 is 2.4” and costs about $6. The code that drives the display is controlled by an inexpensive Arduino Mega 2560 Pro Mini. The talk is scheduled for reprint in QRP Quarterly this July.

MARC plans to do more club builds in the future.

Figure 2. The QRP “Facelift” screen.


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