MARC – Cincinnati’s Club For Amateur Radio – 147.345+ (PL 123.0)

President’s Message to the Membership, July 2018

Hello fellow MARC members, welcome to hot steamy season here in the heartland. Hope everyone is taking the right precautions to survive the heat. As you know our hamfest was last month on June 16th and for the first year we moved to the Clermont County Fairgrounds. By all accounts it appears the … [Read more...]

President’s Message to the Membership, June 2018

It feels like only yesterday we were ringing in the new year with excitement and anticipation of what 2018 was going to bring us. We are now fast approaching the half way mark in 2018. For MARC meeting attendance has maintained at a good level and we have seen several interesting programs with more … [Read more...]

April Presentation: Arduino for the Terrified

Jack Purdum, W8TEE, will be presenting a talk titled “Arduino for the Terrified” at the Faith Church on April 12, 2018, at 7:30PM. Those attending may wish to bring a laptop with the Arduino IDE installed on it, which is a free download at: You may … [Read more...]

Recent publications by club member Jack Purdum

Jack Purdum, W8TEE and Vice President of the MARC, has an article scheduled for publication in the March, 2018, issue of RadCom, the Journal of the Radio Society of Great Britain. The article, titled “Adding a TFT Colour Display to Your Projects” was co-authored with Al Peter, AC8GY, who also serves … [Read more...]

President’s Message to the Membership, January 2018

Hello fellow MARC members and welcome to 2018, can you believe it has been almost 20 years since all the hype with Y-2- K? Seems like ancient history at this point. Now that we have gotten here the club needs to start planning its 2018 season. Our two main events will be here before you know it. … [Read more...]

President’s Message to the Membership, December 2017

Welcome to fall and the onset of winter as the temperatures are starting to fall and DX is starting to appear on our wireless apparatuses. Hope and trust that all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and had time to spend with family and friends giving thanks to all that we truly have to be thankful … [Read more...]

President’s Message to the Membership, October 2017

Hello fellow MARC members and welcome to fall, well that is what the calendar says but 90 degrees at the end of September says otherwise. As a reminder MARC has elections coming up in November and as president I have not decided if I will be running for another term as of this writing. I know … [Read more...]

President’s Message to the Membership, September 2017

Welcome to the end of summer and the start of fall just a few weeks away. I realize I have been somewhat lax with getting a monthly message on the web the last few months. Not to make excuses but this has been a summer of challenges and forced to put ham radio on somewhat of a backseat. The club … [Read more...]

President’s Message to the Membership, April 2017

Hello fellow MARC members and it would appear that spring is in the air, well at least that is what is sounds like when I listen to 75 meters with all the static crashes and noise that is starting to appear as the seasons start to change. In March the club was able to name new Field Day (FD) … [Read more...]