License Exams

The registration form is at the bottom of this page. Please read all the information before submitting your registration.

General Information

The license exams (VE sessions) every month prior to the general club meeting at the same location. Anyone is welcome to come for their examination, you do not have to be a club member. We start our testing at 6:00pm, and we stop taking applicants at 6:15pm. We are done with testing (all paperwork processed, all testing materials packed up) by 7:00pm. No exams are held in the month of December.

There is NO charge for test, age limit or code requirements.


  • A Photo ID – if the applicant does not have a state issued id, then a school id or other form of picture identification may be acceptable.
  • An FRN (FCC Registration Number) –  You MUST have an FRN before you can get credit for any examination. As of March 2019 you must have a CORES account to register for an FRN. Read these instructions for getting a CORES account and an FRN. Bring your FRN with you.
  • A copy of current license (if you are upgrading an existing license), which we may keep. Alternatively, the signed CSCE from a recent exam session. You must have passed and have proof of the previous class license to take the next level license exam.
  • Your own pencil and pen (please).
  • We do not allow programmable calculators or tablet/mobile device calculator apps. Simple four-function and non-programmable scientific calculators are allowed. Also, smart wearable devices such as Apple watches are not allowed in the exam room.

Questions / Concerns / Special Needs

The Volunteer Examiner Team Lead for MARC is Mark Tannert. You can email or call him with any questions or accommodation needs at or (513) 659-6991.

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