MARC Officers Publish QST Cover Article

MARC Officers Publish QST Cover Article

Al Peter (AC8GY, club treasurer) and Jack Purdum (W8TEE, club vice-president) wrote an article titled “Build An Inexpensive 150W Dummy Load with Wattmeter” which appears in the November 2018 issue of QST magazine.

The publisher used a photo from the article for its November cover. The construction article details how to build a dummy load capable of dissipating 150 watts of Radio Frequency (RF) energy and also shows the power being fed into the dummy load. A dummy load allows the operator to adjust various transmitter settings during transmit without radiating a signal on the airwaves during the process. The project also uses an OLED display to show the amount of power being absorbed by the dummy load.

The cover photo shows the display and the resistor network used to dissipate the power. The resistor network sits inside a quart can filled with mineral oil which increases the power-handling ability of the dummy load. A key design goal was to keep the cost under $20.

Al and Jack have also founded the Greater Cincinnati Builders Group and twenty three of those members (many of whom are also MARC club members) have built the dummy load device.

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