MARC - Cincinnati's Club For Amateur Radio - 147.345+

Important Message from the President

Mike KiefferOur club has received an important donation. Dr. James T. Lee has donated an Icom model 7700 transceiver to our club. This is significant and generous donation. Here is a little background on Dr. Lee.

Dr. James T. Lee is a retired surgeon from Saint Paul, MN. Jim has been a licensed ham operator since 1957. He got his start in a very small Texas town during the famous 1957 sunspot year, part of the most active 11-year cycle that’s ever been recorded. Dr. Lee recalls that, “we worked the world– literally– with only 65 watts on AM even using really crappy antennas”. He has had a number of different call signs over the past 58 years, with K5KKV being the one held for the longest interval. For the past year he has been enjoying his latest vanity call, N9KL. His favorite modes are CW and SSB and he typically operates three months in winter every year from Vermont where he maintains a station in the mountain home of long-time friends; that station features his K3 or Flex 6500 driving an Alpha 8410 linear. The antenna lineup in Vermont features mostly quarter-wave and half-wave verticals on various HF bands with hundreds of radials down on the dirt.

We all want to thank Dr. Lee for his significant contribution to Milford Amateur Radio Club and this donation was a direct result of our club’s 501c3 designation.

– Mike Kieffer,  KD8OUT


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