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MARC Casual Contesters – August 2016 Contests

There are three contests on the MARC Casual Contesters calendar in August


The contest period is from 1800 UTC August 20 to 0600 UTC August 21. 2016. The contest has a Team Competition, teams must be registered prior to the contest. If you want to be on a MARC team send an email to Denny KC8RPV at prior to 9:00 PM local time Friday, August 20.

Link to rules:


2. Rookie Roundup RTTY

The contest period is from 1800 UTC to 2359 UTC, August 21, 2016. There is no entry for non-rookies, however everyone is encouraged to get on the air and work as many rookies as you can.

A link to rules on is currently on the ARRL home page: or from the homepage > On The Air > Contests > Contest Rules > Rookie Roundup


3. Ohio QSO Party

The contest period is from noon to midnight local time on August 27,2016. The contest has a Club Competition. If you want your score added to the MARC total add the following line in your entry: “CLUB: Milford Ohio ARC”

Link to rules:


If you have any question contact me or Denny on the MARC repeater or via email.


Bill, WS6K
MARC Casual Contesters Coordinator


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