MARC - Cincinnati's Club For Amateur Radio - 147.345+

Milford Amateur Radio Club Repeater Code of Conduct

Milford Amateur Radio ClubConsistent with the mission of our club, we are issuing a Repeater Code of Conduct. Our club’s stated mission is an educational organization for the purpose of promoting the enjoyment and advancement of amateur radio and emergency communication. Consistent with that goal, our club purchased and operates W8MRC, output 147.345 and input 147.945 in the southwest Ohio area. Since our mission is primarily educational and emergency operations, we are enacting the following code of contact:

1. Repeater usage is at the sole discretion of the repeater trustee, under the direction of the officers and club Board of Directors. Its usage is a privilege, not a right.

2. Acceptable traffic on the repeater must be in line with our mission stated above.

3. Good manners and proper repeater protocol are always required. If you are not sure what constitutes good repeater operation, contact any MARC officer or repeater trustee.

4. Traffic prohibited by the FCC is always unacceptable and illegal.

5. Traffic of a political, religious, sexual or inflammatory nature is not consistent with our mission and is not permitted. There are many other forums to appropriately express these views.

6. Purposeful jamming or interfering with repeater operations is not only bad manners, it’s illegal. We take this seriously and will report violations to the proper authorities for action.

It is our intent to provide this repeater service to our members and other licensed amateurs. If individuals do not comply with the code of conduct, they will be invited to discontinue use of the repeater, repeated violation or illegal operations will result in a report to the authorities.

Mike Kieffer, President MARC, KD8OUT


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