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Petition FCC to Void Antenna Restrictions

I saw this posted on ~ Steve, K8JI

Source: Tim Cotton (N4UM)

Over 900 signatures have been collected via an online petition at to ask the FCC to void existing outdoor antenna prohibitions made by developers and homeowner’s associations. The petition requests that “reasonable accomodations” be made for amateur antennas in HOA’s etc. Those of you who do not wish to submit formal comments on this matter (GN Docket 12-91) to the FCC may support the petition by a very simple process of going to the site listed below and signing the petition. It is important that the FCC receive your response(s) by May 17, 2012. Take a minute to make this effort to improve amateur radio. Encourage the hams you speak with on the air and in other online forums like this one to do likewise. If you have the time and interest to submit formal comments to the FCC on this matter, by all means do so.

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