MARC – Cincinnati’s Club For Amateur Radio – 147.345+ (PL 123.0)

President’s Message to the Membership, April 2017

Dave Vest, K8DV

Hello fellow MARC members and it would appear that spring is in the air, well at least that is what is sounds like when I listen to 75 meters with all the static crashes and noise that is starting to appear as the seasons start to change. In March the club was able to name new Field Day (FD) Chairmen, Erik AC8VK and Mike W8BEI are going to be working with Bill WS6K to transition FD from Bill to give him a much needed rest after years of planning and coordinating FD. I am also sitting on this committee, to ensure the best interest of the membership is held. I have complete confidence in Erik and Mike. Latest news from the group is things are coming along nicely and appear to be right on schedule.

The April meeting we will surely enjoying learning about Ham Radio Recruiting from Mike W8BEI who will be giving the presentation on this subject. In May yours truly will be speaking about Field Day and what MARC’s plans are. In June MARC will be privileged to have well known DXpeditioner Joe Pater, W8GEX present to MARC the K9W DXpedition to Wake Island. If you have ever wondered what it takes to do a DXpedition you won’t want to miss Joe’s presentation. Joe has been on over 50 DXpeditions and has been the leader of several.

As we look into 2017 we will have several interesting presentations coming up:

  • April – Ham Radio Recruiting by Mike, W8BEI
  • May – MARC Field Day by Dave, K8DV
  • June – K9W DXpedition to Wake Island “The Forgotten 98” by Joe, W8GEX
  • July – Antenna Testing by Erik, AC8VK

As you know we introduced a new segment to the monthly meetings called “Jack’s Shack”. Feedback so far has been positive, so we will keep it going. I know that for April Jack will have another interesting installment of Jack’s Shack.

If you have an idea for Jack’s Shack you can submit your ideas to either Jack or me at one of the below email addresses:

  • – Dave Vest, K8DV
  • – Jack Purdum, W8TEE

If you have not been to a meeting in a while, I ask that you try and attend in 2017 and get involved as the club is only what you make of it.


Dave K8DV


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