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President’s Message to the Membership, August 2016

Mike KiefferThe presentation schedule for 2016 and part of 2017 is as follows

Aug., 2016 Software Defined Radio – Dr. John Wiener, AB8O
Sep., 2016 Contesting – Dave Vest, K8DV / Bill Schroeder, WS6K
Oct., 2016 Club Build – Jack, W8TEE / Club Elections
Nov., 2016 Selecting/Getting Started with Microcontrollers – Erik Heidt, AC8VK
Dec., 2016 Holiday Party / “Show and Tell”
Jan., 2017 Mobile Radio Installation – Mark Tannert, WN8U

We need nominations for 2017 President of MARC. I am not planning to run in 2017. As always, nominations for the other officers are welcome.

Nominations are still open for 2017 Club Officers. The club officers are also planning the clubs budget for 2016/2017. We welcome suggestions for purchases that complement our clubs mission of education and fellowship in the radio arts. Please forward any suggestions to any club officer:


Our treasurer, Chris Spiess, wants me to remind everyone that 2016 membership dues are now payable. You can give Chris cash or check at a meeting or check by mail (MARC PO BOX 100 Milford, OH 45150). You can also pay via PayPal at To remain active on the roster, as a member, payment must be received by 3/31/16.

Thank you!
Mike Kieffer(KD8OUT), President


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