The club operates two repeaters located in central Clermont County

  • VHF 147.345+ (CTCSS 123.0) W8MRC
  • UHF 443.450+ (CTCSS 123.0) K8DV

Your radio must be programed with our CTCSS (PL) tone for proper operation.

Both repeaters operate in either analog FM or C4FM digital modes. 

If you are experiencing issues using our VHF (147.345 MHz) repeater, please try the following:

Set your encode CTCSS (PL) code to 173.8 MHz with our normal decode of 123.0 MHz.

Please use the alternate encode tone on a temporary basis until further notice.

CTCSS (PL) Encode 173.8 MHz Decode 123.0 MHz