President’s Message to the Membership, September 2018

President’s Message to the Membership, September 2018

Dave Vest, K8DVIt is hard to believe but we are quickly approaching the end of summer. I hope all of you had a wonder summer and got all you summer time projects completed. It is now time to start thinking about the fall radio season and a good time to get any last minute outside antenna work done as snow and temperatures falling before you know it.

I myself have several antenna projects needing completed, I want to switch out one of my dipoles with a OCF and have the material to build it just need to do it. I want to also change out a 80 meter dipole out for a dual band 80/40 meter dipole.But the big one is I have a issue with the director element of my SteppIR that is going to require some extra planning and equipment to take care, not to mention decent weather. Wish me luck!

The club has been pretty quiet over the summer following our very successful hamfest and before you know it, it will be time to start planning it again. Over this past weekend was the Ohio State Parks on the Air, OSPOTA and MARC was planning on participating but given the never ending rain we had over the weekend here in southwest Ohio the outing was cancelled.

MARC currently has no activities on the agenda, if you have something you think the club would be interested in, let us know.

At our September meeting the presentation will be “All Those Knobs, All Those Buttons” a look at controls and how they can be used on your HF radio, will be presented by yours truly, K8DV. So until next time, keep the tubes glowing and the eddy currents flowing.

Dave, K8DV

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  1. Jack Purdum, W8TEE says:

    Those who missed Dave’s talk at this month’s meeting missed one of the best, most useful, talks we’ve had since I joined the club. Great job, Dave!

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