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Club Member To Be Published in QST Magazine

By KD8OUT, Mike Kieffer, President. We all want to congratulate Dr. Jack Purdum(W8TEE) on the acceptance of his article for an upcoming issue of QST. Summary below. Those who attended the July meeting will recall the presentation given by Jack Purdum, W8TEE, on building a VFO controlled, 3W transceiver for less than $50. Dr. Purdum has teamed up with Dennis Kidder, W6DQ and co-author with Jack of the Arduino Projects for Amateur Radio book, and Farrukh Zia, K2ZIA, to write an article about building the “Pieces-Parts Transceiver”. The article has been accepted for publication by QST sometime in “mid-2016”.

The article contains the following paragraph in the narrative:


At the Milford Amateur Radio Club Field Day location, we always have a GOTA (Get On The Air) station set up where the public can come in and make a contact. I overheard a mother talking to her young, enthusiastic, son. Essentially, she said: “Yes, it looks like a fun hobby, but where are you going to get the thousands of dollars it takes to buy the radio?” That’s a nettlesome comment, people, about how our hobby is perceived. Next year, I’m taking this rig to FD and attaching a sign saying: “Build this station for under $50.” I specifically selected the acrylic case so passers-by can see how simple it is.

Jack feels it’s important to draw in and retain new members and that striking down perceived cost barriers is a step in the right direction. Along with the article, Jack has written an assembly manual and is offering the Nano/VFO PCB for $6, which greatly simplifies construction of the transceiver.

Presidents Supplemental Message for September

Mike Kieffer
Based on comments at the September meeting, we are going to do a special presentation at the 10/8/15 meeting. “I got my license, now what do I do?”  I plan to cover:

– Got my Technician license, now what?
– Got my General license, what equipment, what bands, what antenna?
– I need help, how do I get it?
– I want to get involved in the club, how do I do that?

There are many paths you can take in this hobby. I am going to map common paths for those who are having difficulty on how to proceed with the Ham radio hobby.

73, Mike Kieffer (KD8OUT), President

Presidents Message for September

Mike Kieffer
The September meeting (Thursday 9/10/15 at 7:30pm) presentation topic is “Receiving with a magnetic loop antenna”, by Randy Smith, W8UF.

Ron Brooks has donated a hand held radio to raffle off at the meeting. Bring your singles to purchase tickets.

  • Baofeng UV-5RA Ham Two Way Radio 136-174/400-480 MHz Dual-Band Transceiver (Black)
  • Rugged Case with Enhanced Features
  • Frequency Range: 136-174 / 400-480MHz; 25 KHz/12.5KHz Switchable
  • 128 Channels 50 CTCSS and 104 CDCSS; Channel Step: 2.5/5/6.25/10/12.5/25KHz
  • Dual-Band Display, Dual Frequency Display, Dual-Standby; A/B band independent operation
  • Includes broadcast FM reception
  • Comes with all necessary accessories

Our next operating event is “Ohio Parks on the Air”. Saturday, 9/12/2015 1600UTC (12 noon) to 2400UTC (8pm) at East Fork State Park. We will start setting up at 9am. Watch for details as they are finalized. This event is also the MARC picnic. We will be grilling out club supplied meats at 5:00pm. Bring a side dish to share. We will not have power to heat or cool side dishes. Even if you don’t want to operate the event, come and enjoy the day at the park and the picnic. This will be the maiden usage of the club’s new hex beam antenna, hex beam antenna.

We need suggestions for meeting presentation topics. Please email suggestions to

We will have a brief MARC business meeting after the presentation. Members are welcome to attend.

73, Mike Kieffer (KD8OUT), President

Ohio State Parks On The Air & Club Picnic


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MARC Casual Contesters

Milford Amateur Radio Club

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Presidents Message for August

Milford Amateur Radio Club

August meeting (Thursday 8/13/15 at 7:30pm) presentation topic is – “Operating your Radio, Best Practices” by Chris Spiess Our next operating event is “Ohio Parks on the Air”. Saturday, 9/12/2015 from 1600UTC to 2400UTC at East Fork State Park. … [Continue reading]

MARC Casual Contesters – August Contests

Milford Amateur Radio Club

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Presidents Message for July

Milford Amateur Radio Club

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