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President’s Message for February 2016

Mike KiefferWe are deep in the planning for 2016 Club activities at the present time. We have 2016 Hamfest and 2016 Field Day in the planning stages. Jim Linn is planning Hamfest and Bill Schroeder is planning Field Day. Please contact them if you wish to help in getting ready for those events.

March meeting is the annual MARC birthday party celebrating our clubs founding. We will have cake and beverages at the regular March meeting (3/10/16, 7:30pm) along with a presentation.

The club officers are also planning the clubs budget for 2016/2017. We welcome suggestions for purchases that complement our clubs mission of education and fellowship in the radio arts. Please forward any suggestions to any club officer. You may email any officer at:


Our treasurer, Chris Spiess, wants me to remind everyone that 2016 membership dues are now payable. You can give Chris cash or check at a meeting or check by mail (MARC PO BOX 100 Milford, OH 45150). You can also pay via PayPal at To remain active on the roster, as a member, payment must be received by 3/31/16.

Thank you!
Mike Kieffer (KD8OUT), President

MARC Casual Contesters – Are You Ready For Some RTTY?

From the desk of Bill, WS6K (MARC Contest Coordinator)

There are two RTTY contests on the MARC Contest Calendar in February. So it’s time to dust off those digital interfaces and get out there. You’ll find that making contest contacts on RTTY is a lot easier than on SSB. You’ll be using a mouse 99% of the time to point and click, the PC and macros are doing all the work. Denny KC8RVP or I can provide a set of macros.

We will be running RTTY-101 for those using N1MM Plus Logger with the MMTTY RTTY engine. Both of the programs are free. If your not familiar with the programs don’t try to configure them without contacting either Denny of I. The programs cover all aspects of RTTY contesting and we only use about 10% of  their functionality as single operator stations, the trick is knowing which 10%.

How long will it take to download and configure? Well, Denny and I had Jerry AE8S up and running in 30 minutes. That was the time from when he started the software download until he was sending RTTY. Jerry was familiar with Ham Radio Deluxe and FLDIGI, but he had never used them for RTTY.

Contact Denny or I if you want to attend RTTY-101. We will use the MARC repeater for coordination and doing hands-on using HF. Classes are pretty much whenever someone says they want to get on the air.

First up is CQ WPX RTTY which runs for 48 hours the 2ed full weekend in February. That’s the 13th and 14th. The contest starts on Friday, February 12 at 7:00 PM local time. Multipliers are call sign prefixes. The contest is world wide so you might pick up some DXCC contacts. The contest has a Club competition, if you want your score added to the club score include a CLUB: line in your enter, the club name has to be exactly as shown in the Club List on the CQ WPX web site. Since spotting is allowed we will be running a spotting and tech support net on the Milford repeater. Self spotting is not allowed.


2. North American QSO Party — NAQP RTTY
Next up is NAQP RTTY which runs for 12 hours starting at 1800 UTC February 27 and ending at 0600 UTC February 28. Spotting is not allowed. We will be available for tech support. The contest has a Team Competition and teams must be registered prior to the contest. Participants will be assigned to teams in the order in which they respond. Cut off will be Friday February 26 at 9:00 PM local time.


January Meeting Update

Beginning with the monthly meeting 1/14/16 and in compliance with Laurel VE testing protocols, the VE testing rooms will be only for VEs and the test takers from 6 to 7pm.  Meeting attendees and others not related to test taking process are asked to congregate in the church lobby area (where we enter the Life Center) for social time until the VE lead indicates that the testing process is complete.  This will put us in compliance with Laurel protocols and avoid distractions that delay the testing process.  I want to thank all the members in advance for their cooperation in this matter.

By Mike Kieffer (KD8OUT), President MARC

New VE Team Leader

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From the Desk of the President

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President’s Message for December 2015

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