MARC - Cincinnati's Club For Amateur Radio - 147.345+

President’s Message to the Membership, August 2016

Mike KiefferThe presentation schedule for 2016 and part of 2017 is as follows

Aug., 2016 Software Defined Radio – Dr. John Wiener, AB8O
Sep., 2016 Contesting – Dave Vest, K8DV / Bill Schroeder, WS6K
Oct., 2016 Club Build – Jack, W8TEE / Club Elections
Nov., 2016 Selecting/Getting Started with Microcontrollers – Erik Heidt, AC8VK
Dec., 2016 Holiday Party / “Show and Tell”
Jan., 2017 Mobile Radio Installation – Mark Tannert, WN8U

We need nominations for 2017 President of MARC. I am not planning to run in 2017. As always, nominations for the other officers are welcome.

Nominations are still open for 2017 Club Officers. The club officers are also planning the clubs budget for 2016/2017. We welcome suggestions for purchases that complement our clubs mission of education and fellowship in the radio arts. Please forward any suggestions to any club officer:


Our treasurer, Chris Spiess, wants me to remind everyone that 2016 membership dues are now payable. You can give Chris cash or check at a meeting or check by mail (MARC PO BOX 100 Milford, OH 45150). You can also pay via PayPal at To remain active on the roster, as a member, payment must be received by 3/31/16.

Thank you!
Mike Kieffer(KD8OUT), President

MARC Casual Contesters – August 2016 Contests

There are three contests on the MARC Casual Contesters calendar in August


The contest period is from 1800 UTC August 20 to 0600 UTC August 21. 2016. The contest has a Team Competition, teams must be registered prior to the contest. If you want to be on a MARC team send an email to Denny KC8RPV at prior to 9:00 PM local time Friday, August 20.

Link to rules:


2. Rookie Roundup RTTY

The contest period is from 1800 UTC to 2359 UTC, August 21, 2016. There is no entry for non-rookies, however everyone is encouraged to get on the air and work as many rookies as you can.

A link to rules on is currently on the ARRL home page: or from the homepage > On The Air > Contests > Contest Rules > Rookie Roundup


3. Ohio QSO Party

The contest period is from noon to midnight local time on August 27,2016. The contest has a Club Competition. If you want your score added to the MARC total add the following line in your entry: “CLUB: Milford Ohio ARC”

Link to rules:


If you have any question contact me or Denny on the MARC repeater or via email.


Bill, WS6K
MARC Casual Contesters Coordinator

Ohio State Parks On The Air

The Milford Amateur Radio Club will be operating from the Indian Mounds Shelter parking lot in East Fork State Park during Ohio State Parks On The Air (OSPOTA) on September 10, 2016.

Enter the park from SR 125, go past the park headquarters, and follow the signs to the beach. Indian Mounds is located on a loop road, on the right, just before you start down the hill to the beach.

We have permission to be at Indian Mounds from Friday through Sunday. We are planning a National Parks On The Air (NPOTA) activation of the North Country Scenic Trail (TR04) on Friday. This will require setting up a station and antenna near the shelter. The antenna will probably be used for OSPOTA.

We realize TR04 has been activated several times, however there are currently over 10,500 chasers and only 7,600 contacts made with TR04. Those using LoTW will operate using their own call sign and will be provided with a copy of their log for upload to LoTW. They will be listed on the NPOTA Activator Leader Board if they make 10 contacts.

Final antenna and station setup will start at 9:00 AM local time on Saturday. Operations start at noon and run until 8:00 PM.

Contact me if you plan to be there for setup, we have a lot of work to do in a short time. Knowing how many will be there will help with the planning.

We will be running three stations. One will be operating on 10/15/20 meters, the other two will be operating on 40 and 80 meters.

The club is not sponsoring a pot luck or picnic this year at OSPOTA and will not be providing burgers, metts or brats. If anyone is interested in planning a pot luck contact me.

Talk in will be on the MARC repeater, 147.345 +, PL 123.0

Bill WS6K

MARC Contest Coordinator

If you zoom in you will see the shelter image. The red arrow on the second below also indicates the shelter.


Here is the link to the map of East Fork.

Important Message from the President

Our club has received an important donation. Dr. James T. Lee has donated an Icom model 7700 transceiver to our club. This is significant and generous donation. Here is a little background on Dr. Lee. Dr. James T. Lee is a retired surgeon from Saint … [Continue reading]

New web-based club chat service

The club now has a Slack channel for people to keep in touch, communicate and otherwise just chit chat during the day. Slack is a web-based and app-based team communication tool which is extremely simple and very popular. Slack can be accessed from … [Continue reading]

President’s Message to the Membership, July 2016

Our two big events of the year are now in the record book. Hamfest was a roaring success. Record attendance and a good time was had by all. All those attending Field Day had a good time and made lots of contacts. July meeting presentation is: … [Continue reading]

2016 Field Day by the Milford Amateur Radio Club

Once again over the weekend of June 25th and 26th the Milford Amateur Radio Club will be participating in the annual ARRL Field Day exercise. The club will be operating three stations this year working with several modes of communications … [Continue reading]

Hamfest 2016 by the Milford Amateur Radio Club

Announcing our Twenty-Sixth Annual Club Hamfest     When: Saturday June 18, 2016 Where: Eastside Christian Church - 5874 Montclair Blvd, Milford, Ohio Time: 8:00 AM TO 2:00 PM Admission: $5.00 (Children under 12 admitted … [Continue reading]

President’s Message to the Membership, June 2016

We are still in the planning for 2016 Club activities at the present time. We have 2016 Hamfest and 2016 Field Day in the final planning stages. Jim Linn (WB8RRR at 513-831-6255 or is planning Hamfest and Bill Schroeder … [Continue reading]