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Field Day Site Change

The Milford Amateur Radio Club’s Field Day site has changed from McCormick Elementary to Mulberry Elementary School, 5950 Buckwheat Rd, Milford due to a scheduling conflict.

Mulberry meets our goal of operating from a site that’s more accessible to the public and provides an area that’s ideal for installation of our new no-tree dependent antenna’s.

Bill WS6K
Field Day Coordinator

ARRL Rookie Roundup

Are you a newly-licensed operator (Rookie)? Have you tuned across the bands during a contest and been too intimidated by the fast pace of the contest exchange to get on the air? Do you run 100 watts and a wire and figure you don’t have a chance competing with the big guns running a kilowatt and stacked beams?

Well, the ARRL Rookie Roundup is the place to make your first contest contact. It’s slow paced and power for all stations is limited to 100 watts.

The Rookie Roundup is Sunday, April 20,2014 and runs from 2:00 PM EDT to 7:59 PM EDT.

Your not a rookie, no problem, you can still operate and give Rookies points. Be sure to read Rule 3.4.

A link to the rules is on the ARRL home page. As usual I encourage anyone planning to participate in the contest to read the rules.

MARC SSB/RTTY Contest Coordinator

National World War I Museum – Special Event

Join us on air at WW1USA in 2014!

The National World War I Museum, in partnership with amateur radio, will host special event station WW1USA from the grounds of the Liberty Memorial during the centennial observance of World War I.

WW1USA has selected several significant dates in 2014 when the station will be on the air.

- June 28-29 will commemorate the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand on June 28, 1914.

- August 2-3 commemorates the beginning of the Great War as the countries officially declared war.

- September 6-7 highlights the Battle of the Marne, often referred to as the “Miracle of the Marne.”

- December 27-28 will remember the 1914 Christmas Truce.

QSL with WW1USA is by mail with SASE or other postage provided. On special event weekends, a link will be provided to confirm contacts and return a special certificate commemorating your contact with WW1USA.

Provided by Mark Tannert, WN8U

Source: From the Amateur Radio Voice of the National WWI Museum

MARC Field Day


Calling all MARC members, calling all MARC members, de W8MRC. The Milford Amateur Radio Club will be operating Field Day, on June 28-29, 2014, from McCormick Elementary School, 751 Loveland-Miamiville Road, Milford, OH. What is Field Day? To … [Continue reading]

Spotter Training This Week

There is one spotter training class in the Cincinnati area this week. It is the annual session sponsored by the Weather Amateur Radio Network (WARN) on +Friday March 28, 2014 at 7:00pm. We return this year to Bethesda North Hospital. Full details … [Continue reading]

MARC Contesters Update

CQ logo

ARRL DX SSB The ARRL DX SSB contest is in the books. The following MARC members operated and submitted logs: KC8RPV - Denny KD8OBW - Gene N8DWN - Carl WB8WNV - Randy WS6K - Bill CQ WPX SSB Next up, on the MARC Contest Calendar, is … [Continue reading]

President’s Message for April

Milford Amateur Radio Club

We are getting ready for our busy time for MARC. Our Hamfest is Saturday June 21, 2014 and the ARRL Field Day is June 28-29, 2014. There will be a lot of activity related to these two events and all your help will be needed. If you wish to serve … [Continue reading]

Milford Amateur Radio Club Hamfest

Milford Amateur Radio Club

Announcing our Twenty-Fourth Annual Club Hamfest     When: Saturday June 21, 2014 Where: Eastside Christian Church - 5874 Montclair Blvd, Milford, Ohio Time: 8:00 AM TO 2:00 PM Admission: $5.00 (Children under 12 admitted … [Continue reading]

Milford Amateur Radio Club Repeater Code of Conduct

Milford Amateur Radio Club

Consistent with the mission of our club, we are issuing a Repeater Code of Conduct. Our club’s stated mission is an educational organization for the purpose of promoting the enjoyment and advancement of amateur radio and emergency communication. … [Continue reading]