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Ohio State Parks On The Air

The Milford Amateur Radio Club will be operating from the Indian Mounds Shelter parking lot in East Fork State Park during Ohio State Parks On The Air (OSPOTA) on September 10, 2016. Enter the park from SR 125, go past the park headquarters, and follow the signs to the beach. Indian Mounds is … [Read more...]

Why You Should Get Your Extra Class License

By Dan Romanchik, KB6NU The Amateur Extra Class license is the highest class of license in the United States, and perhaps the world. Many hams—even hams that live outside the U.S.—aspire to pass the test and be awarded one. There wasn’t always an Amateur Extra Class license. The Extra class … [Read more...]

Heard Island – VK0EK

Update: VK0EK has a reconnaissance team on Heard Island and they are probably setting up now. This is the #5 DXCC entity and hasn’t been activated for 19 years! 73, Steve K8JI A Short Message from VK0EK Co-Organizer, KY6R MARCH 22, 2016 Excellent and fun graphic by VK0EK Team … [Read more...]

FCC Invites Comments on ARRL Petition That Seeks 80/75 Meter Adjustments

The FCC has put the ARRL's January Petition for Rule Making (RM 11759 - found on the FCC website), on public notice and invited interested parties to comment on what the League has called "minimal but necessary changes" to 80 and 75 meters. The ARRL petitioned the FCC to fix a "shortfall in … [Read more...]

New Amateur Extra Question Pool Puts Greater Emphasis on Digital, SDRs, Propagation

The new Amateur Extra class license examination question pool, effective from July 1, 2016, through June 30, 2020, now is available at the National Conference of Volunteer Coordinators NCVEC website. The latest revision contains a few minor corrections that had been released in a February 5 errata … [Read more...]

K8ZRH on the North Country Scenic Trail

Activating a ham radio station on the North Country Scenic Trail in Michigan's Upper Peninsula as part of the ARRL and National Park Service "National Parks on the Air" event....From the website and journalist Mike Wendland, who travels the country in an RV looking for … [Read more...]

Kids are Not the Future of Ham Radio

I got my General license when I was a "kid" fifty years ago this year! I agree with Bob's assessment of targeting the 25 to 30 year old age group. Of course, we encourage and promote amateur radio to all age groups! What do you think? What age did you get your license? Provide your input in the … [Read more...]

A new Heathkit! So, why am I not excited?

By Dan Romanchik, KB6NU A couple of weeks ago I got an e-mail from Heathkit. Yes, the NEW Heathkit. you might remember that a couple of years ago, there was all this hype about a “new” Heathkit and how they were going to start designing new kits as well as revive popular old designs. Then, … [Read more...]

FCC Proposes to Fine Ohio Radio Amateur for Malicious Interference, Failure to Identify

The FCC has proposed levying an $8000 fine on a Cincinnati, Ohio, radio amateur, Daniel R. Hicks, KB8UYZ, who, at one point, had volunteered to track down the interference he was causing on a number of primarily VHF repeaters. In a Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture (NAL) released on August … [Read more...]